Robo-Grapple is the largest capacity skid-steer grapple available. With
its 34" depth and massive 63" opening it makes fast clean up of trees,
limbs, and debris.

Specifically designed for piling trees and brush,
Robo-Grapple is a very
versatile grapple. It works great for handling big hay bales and scrap iron.

Robo-Grapple is available in 3 models. 60", 72" and 96" widths with
independent double grapples. Double grapple models offer independent
grapple motion. This is particularly useful when lifting irregular loads,
such as trees and brush.
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The 7 bottom tines, from tip to hinge point, are one piece of solid 3/4"
steel. Combined with increased girth at the stress point gives
Robo-Grapple unbeatable strength and durability.

The hinge is located at a 48" height to give Robo-Grapple its large
capacity. The 2 cylinders are mounted  in a vertical configuration, behind
the frame, giving both increased strength and protection over
horizontally mounted cylinders.

All models have an expanded metal mesh back to give operator excellent
visibility and protection.
Robo-Grapple is a Trademark of Circle 3 Welding & Fabrication Inc.
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